Is Black Music Needs Ya to Vote

Ijezza-aparted give you an honest politician.

Things have been bad for so long that many of us have felt that it is impossible to work within the system without being caught in the matrix.

Jeremy Corbyn has shown conspiracy theorists like myself that someone who actually stands by his principles and stands up to big money corporations can rise to the top.

In this way he has already won the election. 

Click to hear my song about Corbyn

Through all the media lies and vicious attacks from every direction he is winning seats for his unsupportive MPs and very close to becoming the prime minister. 

It would be historic for a country of such influence to have an unashamed left-wing socialist.

I have never been behind a candidate like this before. Not Obama and not even Bernie Sanders was as incredible as JC is.

Here is a guy who has fought cleanly from within the system by their own rules. Working as a close ally by the side of the legendary MP Tony Benn (who is surely our all time favourite British politician) he has been on the progressive side of all the issues for decades.

His parents were peace campaigners who first met at at a Conway Hall benefit for the Spanish Republic. Perhaps this is why at such a young age he was set on a path to the people.

Will the people clear a path for him Thursday June 8th?

It would make history and be a call to the world. 

This is my first chance to vote for someone who is straight-up right on for the people. Maybe my last. 

The rules that govern broadcasters during election times are so strict that we are not allowed to speak about it on air without risking our license. So that is why we did a radio show about voting rather than mention any of the parties involved.

I am really going to enjoy voting. You should too, it’s gonna be fun.

Here is the Is Black Music Needs Ya to Vote playlist:

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