Billy Harper

Jazz is a funny word. No one is certain where it came from. Most real jazz musicians would never call their music that. Because it is so much more than a slang word of questionable orgins.

Duke Ellington and many other musicians liked to call it African American Classical music.

But the word soul is an even more elusive word. What is soul music? For that matter what is a soul?

On this radio program we will walk together in Billy Harper-land. There are those who quietly walk in the shadow of celebrity and fashion.

None the less bright does their star glow. Indeed it’s ever the brighter for being in the dark.

Listen to part one of the Billy Harper show.

The Cookers played at the Church of Sound in Clapton in May.

Meeting Billy in London


With the other Cookers: the brilliant Essiet Essiet plays bass and maestro David Weiss plays trumpet.
Billy soars at the Church of Sound gig in Hackney


New Orleans star sax player Donald Harrison moved us to tears with an extended solo, playing a Cecil McBee composition

Images by Helena Smith


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